Question Help Please - Weird Bluetooth / Audio issue with True Wireless Earbuds?

Dylan Beckett

Jul 12, 2021

TL : DR - I can get normal PC Audio working with the my Dad's new Bluetooth True Wireless Earbuds just fine - but for some reason - I cannot get the Line In Audio to play through it as well - it's really puzzling ?

I have to decide whether to keep these earbuds or send them back very very soon as they are an Amazon Prime purchase.... if I can't get it work properly then I'll have to send it back and I really don't want that.

For context - I've done recording/mixing etc on Windows for decades - so I know how to make this stuff work - usually - but I've never come across this particular quirk?

I bought some Soundcore by Anker Life P3 Noise Cancelling Earbuds for my Dad to use with his old PC.
It's an Intel i7 3770 / Gigabyte Z77X-D3H system running Windows 8.1 with built in VIA HD Audio on the Motherboard.
There is a brand new ASUS USB-BT500 Bluetooth 5.0 USB Adapter as the motherboard doesn't have it built in - works well.

The earbuds work with the PC as they should - however, there is some quirk with the way Line In Audio does/doesn't get sent to the earbuds?
I've tried everything I can think of with Playback/Recording Devices etc etc in Windows Audio settings, and VIA HD Audio etc to get that part working.

My Dad plays guitar; and I got these specifically to make it easier for him to use the PC and his guitar at the same time (with noise cancelling as the PC is in a Lounge with a loud TV).

So the plan is to have his Acoustic Electric guitar plugged into a guitar amp sitting next to the computer - and take a Line Out from that (instead of sound coming through the amp speaker); send that guitar input into the Line In - into the computer.

Then select the right settings on the Windows Mixer/Audio settings + the Motherboard VIA HD Audio settings (if needed) - to be able to watch 'learn guitar' videos and/or play along to music on the PC- while being able to hear his guitar from the Line In (from the amp).

But the weirdest thing - is that the Line In just will not play through the Wireless Earbuds and I cannot figure out why?

As well as choosing Input settings, I also know how to send the sound out of the Speakers or earbuds etc..... no problem there.

If I wanted to do all this with normal wired headphones - it works just fine.
I could hear the windows sounds through normal wired headphones (eg watching YouTube), as well as the guitar Line In from the Amp!

Yet - it won't do that with the Wireless earbuds - at least not yet?

I wonder if there is some weird complication with this Line In not going through the earbuds - something to do with the fact that the earbuds have microphones built into them and will probably show up as the Recording Device in the Windows Mixer? Some conflict with that and trying to send the Line In - to the Earbuds too/instead?

I've looked into this re selecting default communication device as well as default audio device etc - and yet I just can't get it working yet.

I really really hope someone might be able to help me out here and get this to work for him?

Thank you for your help