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Feb 13, 2019
I m looking to purchase a pc gaming but I dont know if will be the right one. I was checking in benchmark and I dont understand why Ryzen 3 is better than AMD FX 8350 .however fx 8350 is an octa core with 4GHz and ryzen 3 2200g is just a quad core 3.5
GHz ....doesnt make sense . I found a pc at store with FX 8350 the fx cpu pc is much cheaper than the Ryzen 3 .
My other question : is Palit graphics cards a good card , does anyone use it ?? I m looking to play Fortnite at 80FPS in high resolution and maybe later on x-plane 11. another question is is it possible to later on upgrade my cpuif I decide on FX8350 ???

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Feb 26, 2015
Do not get the FX 8350, is it a very old cpu, with very weak cores. Ryzen is far newer and better in every way. Palit are worse quality I hear.


The FX-8350 is a processor from 2011/12 with slower cores. Also the 78LMT-USB3 motherboard is likely to slow down the CPU even more because it actually can't handle the power draw of an FX-8350 due to insufficient VRM cooling (95W recommended for the motherboard, but CPU uses 125W).
It's basically two fold.

1. Bulldozer (the FX series CPUs) are not as many cores as they say, not physically. It's actually based on 2 floating Module cores with a total of 8 virtual cores. Virtual cores, no matter how fancy AMD made them sound, are never as powerful as physical cores.

2. Bulldozer's IPC (Instructions Per Cycle), which is basically how much data a CPU can handle per thread each cycle of communication with RAM, is WAY lower than Intel's, and also a fair amount less than Ryzen's IPC. This is why AMD's first big performance announcement for Ryzen was "40% more IPC per thread". The reason this is a significant factor in games is they aren't nearly as heavily threaded as a lot of programs are. That is why Bulldozer only worked consistently well on heavily threaded non gaming applications.

The AMD Ryzen 5 3600G APU, rumored to possibly release Q3 2019, is looking to be a beast. It will have 8 cores, 16 threads, and turbo at 4Ghz. It may also have 16 Pci lanes. It should play a lot of decent games at 1080p at 60 FPS. Prices are rumored to be anywhere from $129 to $199, but given rumors on the 3000 series desktop CPU prices, I would say much closer to $129. My guess is it will sell very well.

Palits are OK, I had one a couple models of GPUs ago, when you could get them in the states. It's not just about a good brand though, it's also about how powerful a model you buy fort the games you're playing. I prefer EVGA because they are Nvidia exclusive, so get first pick on top binned (less current leakage, more stable) chips, and have great customer service and now even great cooler designs. My EVGA GTX 1080 SC generally stays below 65c on the most demanding games, and the fans don't even turn on until it hits 55c.
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