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Jan 20, 2018
My laptop is dell vostro 2520 i3 3rd gen 2gb version. It has 2 ram slots one with 2gb. Im thinking to upgrade ram with 2+4 as it is very slow and almost run on 80 percentage. Can it make any differnce in performance??

I want to know specs to purchase ram. Its a ddr3 ram i guess. But i dont know about mhz or whether it supports single or double channel. Can this i3 2320 chipset supports 1600mhz dual channel ram??? Also suggest me a good brand.
That platform uses a standard DDR3L SODIMM so compatibility is not much of a concern. It should indeed support 1600Mhz not sure about dual channel cant find that in the documentation. In terms of performance the reason it is slow is that it is a very old computer and even with a RAM upgrade that fact will not change. You may stop running out of ram but it will not make the computer noticeably faster just more stable. If you are insistent on upgrading make sure you completely replace the modules don't keep the original mixing ram is asking for trouble. If you are insistent on upgrading then this will be sufficient ddr3L SODIMM&cm_re=1600mhz_ddr3L_SODIMM-_-20-191-523-_-Product
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