Help pls, buying ram tonight if i get some good advice


Nov 29, 2006
Ok, here is my rig so far.

ATI X1950 Pro
ThermalTake Armor
ThermalTake 700w crossfire rdy psu

I am probably going to order my ram tonight or the very near future. I am looking for the best bang for my buck i can get. I dont want to have to upgrade it anytime soon. I want 2g (1gx1g). I would like the ability to overclock it, even tho i may not ever. This is aimed at gaming, and I am open to things up to like 500 altho i really dont want to spend that much. I was looking at the Dominator but didnt like the whole Promo thing. Then I was looking at the Corsair XMS thing, but looked like alot of people were getting 1 bad stick alot of times. Might have something to do with what someone else posted about needing to setup 1 stick at a time so u get the voltage right. I have done some research and built 1 comp like 6 years ago, so that is my experience level. I'm assuming it will be 800 ddr2. Help pls.