Help Plz, something wrong with my radeon 9500


Nov 9, 2003
Hey guys! How are ya all doings?

I am not doing good actually. I just upgraded my geforce mx400 to radeon 9500 64mb from, it was an oem one, but no refurbish one. Once I install it, I immediately run the 3dmark2001se and didn't even softmod it yet. When it run the 3dgrahic, it is butter soft, without artifact, same with all applications, but in games or benchmarks like 3dmark2001se, when I quit the games to return to the window. (normally the screen would be blank for a second in mx400 and returned to window) but with this radeon 9500, when it returned to windows from games, the screen graphic went messed up(like the one Tv show when the tv is out of order) and showed glitches and snows instead of blank for a second. But except for this problem, everything ran butter soft without artifact. I want to ask, is this card a defective one that newegg sent me?
Try disabling FastWrites. That's really what it sounds like to me. My card would run rock solid with Fastwrites on and then hit a glitch and change the resolution and F' everything up!

Disable FastWrites in the SmartGart tab of your ATI control panel. See if that fixes your problem. That's what it sounds like to me.

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Mar 10, 2003
Might have a driver conflict as well?? Did you use Detonator Destroyer or something similar to get rid of all the GeForce drivers before installing ATI ones???