Question help, power supply explode?

Feb 15, 2020
i was working in my pc, and suddendly the power supply emites a sound like a boom, i am scared, because i test the mouse in another pc and it is not working, i disconnect everything of the pc inside and i only connect de supply to 220v(south america) my house goes dark, and the power supply is broken, it killed my pc.
i want to know a possible cause.

rx 5700
x570 msi a pro
nvme 500gb
SEASONIC focus 850W 80 plus gold

ps: sorry for the bad english, i hope do you understand


Was the PSU plugged into power at the time you were working on it?
Was it also turned on with the PSU power switch while you were working on it?

The most likely cause of a catastrophic failure would be a capacitor failure (or perhaps a shorted circuit). Read THIS including the section on high quality PSUs as that is a very good PSU. It really depends on exactly when it failed and what was occurring at the time.
When you said you were " working in my pc" did you mean that you had the case open and were doing somethin physical like moving cables?
Or do you mean that you were simply using the pc like gaming or browsing?

If the former, the problem was likely due to a short. Perhaps to a psu cable.
One should never work inside the pc while it is plugged in.

Is your 220v outlet grounded?
A lack of a ground can be disastrous for a failure.

Perhaps you had a power surge.