Question Help: Powerline Adapter and Wifi Extender - Fluctuating Speed Issue

Oct 10, 2019
Hi all,

I will keep this as brief and short as I can. I have been using this piece of kit without any problems for the past year or so. It runs from the downstairs lounge (router location) to an upstairs bedroom.

Our current ISP package provides us with 350mbps download / 35 upload which is more than enough. When the powerline adapter and wifi extender is working as it should, I'm getting speeds around 11 ping, 70-90mbps download / 20mbps upload in the bedroom. The speeds are similar for both hardwire connection and general wi-fi.

Recently, I have been experience massive fluctuations in speed and it's driving me mad. For example, last night I swithced on my PS4 to test connection and it was at the speeds it should be. Within a minute or so the speeds had dropped to 150ping, 3mbps download and non existent upload. It stayed at that speed for some time. About an hour later, the speed was back up again as to where it should be. I have since then woke up this morning to find it back an non existent speeds again. This has been going on for the past month or so.

I should mentioned that there is no problems when using a direct ethernet connection to router so it's not a ISP issue.

I wondered whether anyone could help me in what might be causing this and what steps I could take...

Thank you in advance.