Help Radeon card working right or too slow? 7970?


Jan 30, 2013
Hello I have a issue that's been bothering me of late, I wanna finally get around to it. I built a new Rig about 5 months ago- I got the ivy bridge, Intel i5-3550 CPU @3.70 GHz.
16 gigs Ram, Win 7 64 bit and I have a XfX radeon 7970 Black Edition PCI express 3.0- and yes the mother is 3.0 as well. It's factory overclocked at 1000 Mhz Card was around($455 ish) for this price i just expected faster? I guess? I checked out the card it got really good reviews-)
and the Memory clock is at 1425 mhz- I have the fan speed on 70% at first I thought I was having heat issues. Maybe I am- here's my 3dmark11 score..

3DMark Score P8102
Graphics Score 8296
Physics Score 7558
Combined Score7595
3DMark Score 8102
3DMarks Graphics Score 8296
Physics Score 7558
Combined Score 7595

Test 1- 37.6 FPS
Test 2- 41.4 FPS
Test 3- 50.9 FPS
Test 4- 24.9 FPS
Physics Test 23.9 FPS
Combined Test 35.3 FPS
- someone please help me so I might be able to know, if it's the card- or something I can tweak or if I'm in the right ball park. During full load on like Diablo 3 sometimes- during a fullscreen *tons of things going on*it can go to 20 fps- I was just thinking a card like this should be able to rip through any game atm that is. please help me! Card reaches close to 60 c at max load.. not bad but getting there. Thanks for anyone's help! or thoughts~!,