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Question [HELP] Ram slots not working


Mar 21, 2018
My pc will only boot with one ram slot in A2 I tried both ram slots both of them work in A2 but none of them work in A1 B1 B2 It only boots if there is only single stick in the A2 slot I just replaced my gpu and transplanted into a new case last night I was going crazy figuring this out and went and got a new cpu from bestbuy because I suspected that was the issue, it was not I then realized it only boots with one ram in slot A2 before I replaced my gpu and case I had my ram set up in dual channel A2 B2 it was working fine. also may note that in the bios the ram only shows up as DD34 2133 but is is DDR4 3200

Linked is a video of me pressing power with one ram slot and with two.

View: https://youtu.be/I3Vq3j5as84

when power button pressed with two ram installed the gpu fans spin at FULL speed which you can hear but no gpu light then lights and fans cut off then come back on about a minute later

View: https://youtu.be/zhXeEaZwNkU

when power button pressed with one ram

installed the gpu fans spin fullspeed for a second then go to normal speed and gpu light comes on windows start screen comes up

What I have ruled out

  • It is not the cpu
  • It is not the gpu
  • It is not the psu
  • Both ram sticks work just
  • Reset cmos by pulling battery.
  • All wires plugged

Please help I appreciate the responses this is driving me crazy lol this is my 2nd pc build and ive swapped parts and stuff before never had this happen.