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Question Help! Random shutdowns while gaming

Jul 1, 2020
I hope someone can help with my problems with my PC.

So yesterday while I was playing CSGO my pc suddenly shuts down and reboots. No bluescreen or anything, just a shutdown and reboot. I tried reconnecting to the server and it happened again several times. The third time it happened my screens went black and I still could hear sounds, but the PC stayed on. This has also happened with Assetto corsa and Forza horizon 4.

After that I ran a furmark gpu test and as soon as I clicked start test my pc turned off. So I thought it was an issue with my PSU. I replaced my PSU now and furmark and games were running fine until a couple of hours when my pc rebooted again. I've monitored my temps and theyre all normal, cpu at about 50 celcius and gpu at 70 celcius.

I've tried googling answers and everyone says it's either the PSU or RAM. I tried running my PC with only the 2x 1333mhz 4gb ram sticks as i know different spec rams are not recommended and it seemed fine until 2 hours of gaming, I got reboots again for 2 times.

I've also tested my RAM with the windows tool and ran Prime95 on my cpu and there seems to be no problem. GPU drivers are also updated.

Can anyone help me with this?

Here are my specs
i5-4670k not overclocked
palit 980 ti
bequiet 600w psu 80+ gold
msi-z87-g45 gaming
16 gigs of kingston ram, 2x 4gb 1333mhz and 2x 4gb 1600mhz (now only the 1333mhz sticks)