Question Help regarding front cooling fan


Feb 13, 2015
Hello everyone,

I have a kind of problem with the front cooling fan in the case (stock came with the case 120mm), when I turn on the computer sometimes it turns on its own, sometimes tries to turn but does not turn.

Luckily not really serious because I can move the fan with my hand and it keeps turning and does not stop.

-> The fan itself 120 mm lower stock, refrigerator (puts air) under hard disks, and there is water cooling. ** I do not know if it takes out or puts in air from behind (rear) ** and another 120 mm stock fan that takes out hot air from above (top). <-

1) Do I need to do something for the front fan or replace it with another?

2) Is it worth adding a 120 or 140 mm fan for cooling on the hard disks in addition to the front (front) of the case or is it important to first check the temperature?

3) I uploaded 2 photos from HWmonitor, can you please review Max Vaule entries?

Link to the image display page:

-> This means the maximum temperatures listed there, if reasonable or better to add a front cooling fan.

4) For the values -> I checked and the processor has water cooling, its fan is placed in the back, apparently it does not emit heat?

-> One fan removes upper heat and one lower fan (under hard disks) for cooling.

5) For cooling a hard disk is a lower fan (below the disk) better or is it possible for a front cooling fan that is aimed at the hard disk in addition to the body of the case?

6) I want to buy a new hard disk (replace with an existing one), on the way whether it is worthwhile / need to add a cooling fan.

Thanks so much for the help and recommendations.
If you have to give the fan a push to get it going....I would replace it. It's probably not going to get better.

I wouldn't bother with a cooling fan for the drives.
Those temps look fine.

I would do something about the CPU cooling. I think those max CPU temps are a bit too hot.


Feb 13, 2015
Roger that.
Do you think if I add 140 or 120mm in front of the case to aim at the Hard drives for cooling, and swap the current manual spin front fan to newer\ better one, Is Can effect the cooling of the cpu too? (as swap heat by cooling fan inside the case).

or better to add another Upper fan to push out more heat?

-> last question, from above: The Water Cooling fan of the cpu doesn't push out heat from the back of the case? is just 'air' inside of the case?

Much Thanks for the help m8.
I wouldn't mess to much with the case fans just yet for the CPU cooling.

What I would do.
I would inspect the CPU cooler for anything odd.
If it looks OK...I would check if it's snug. This is important. It must be snug.
Then I would go into the BIOS and look at what kind of CPU fan control I had and try to get the temps down that way if possible.
If that didn't work I would remove the cooler and repaste.
If that didn't work I would be buying a new cooler.