Question Help regarding wi-fi adapter

Mar 20, 2023
Greetings everyone, not sure if this is the correct forrum to post this thread, but ive been having problems with my wifi adapter lately. Due to the location of my room and the router, a wired connection is impossible, so I decided to buy a wifi adapter. I purchased the Realtek RTL8811CU, it has no antenna and my download speeds are not the greatest. I get download speeds of 250 mbps on my phone, while on my pc it maxes at around 20 or 15 mbps while right next to each other. I assume this is due to the dongle not being the greatest, as I have also tested it out on a laptop using the dongle to connect to my network right next to the router, and it still presented really bad speeds. I was wondering if purchasing a higher quality adapter, such as the Archer T3U Plus (Which was recommended to me by a friend) would solve this download speed issue? Apologies for the wall of text, and many thanks in advance!


Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.
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"but ive been having problems with my wifi adapter lately."

Does that mean that originally there were no previous problems and the problems just started?

Wifi adapter being the following product?

Where purchased if not Amazon? Link?

Things you can do:

Ensure that only one network adapter (either wired or wireless) is enabled on the PC. Not both at the same time and only one network adapter of any sort at any given time.

Disable IPv6. IPv6 can be problematic and disabling it may help.

Try using a USB extension cable to move the wireless network adapter up and away from the PC. May help with both transmission and reception plus keep the dongle cooler. (The dongles can get quite warm and even hot. Especially if nearing failure.)

Reinstall the wireless adapter's drivers. Download directly from the manufacturer's website. Reinstall and reconfigure. No third party tools or installers.

If problems continue then run "ipconfig /all" (without quotes) via the Command Prompt.

Use Copy and Paste to post the results.