Question Help Request- Mounting Joytech Monitor to my PS2

Jan 9, 2020
I apologize for this not being PC related as I was refereed here for this question. But I have an 8" Joytech monitor for my Playstation 2, but my Playstation 2 does not have mounting holes to attach said monitor.

Now my question is what ways is there to mount both of these together other than going out and buying a drill to make the holes myself that I will only ever use once?
Monitor: View:

Playstation 2 back: View:


Case to case, some two part plastic epoxy would probably do it. Bit permanent.

Some really big rubber bands? Zip ties.

If you want something permanent but removable, drill bits and screws is not a bad idea. You will have to be careful, I suggest removing all the electronics before making any mounts. Look for used tools. You would be surprised how inexpensive they can be. Auctions, estate sales, pawn shops, etc. Incomplete sets of drill bits often sell very low, just have to buy a few sets to make a complete one.
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