Help! Router Config Has Changed while ISP has a Major Service Outage


Nov 12, 2013
How can it be that if my ISP has a MSO it effects my router to the extent of resetting the router config, changing the firewall rules etc.etc.

My ISP claims that they cannot change the router config from their end, but obviously someone can!

The logs show the configuarion being saved by TR60, my isp says that’s not them, but it’s also not something on my LAN so who is it? How can I find out?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Is it a router/modem combo, if your ISP sent a firmware update to the modem it could reset all of your settings.

Do you have remote managment enabled? remote management allows anyone on the interent to change your router.

Now since it is a reset and not just a few settings changed, it could have lost its settings and reset, or soemone could have reset it thinking that was the way you power cycled it.

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