Jan 12, 2022
Current build:
ryzen 5 2600x
gigabyte rx590 8gb
16gb ram
MSI b350m
225gb ssd

Recently I noticed that in valorant I have 120-180 fps, the processor temperature was high (80°) so I applied thermal paste and now it is at 70° average and the graphics card with temperatures of 50-60°, in rocket league I have 250 fps but I consider that the components of my pc should perform much better, I tried everything: update drivers, optimize windows as much as possible but there is no effect. Something strange is that when I change the resolution in valorant nothing happens, the same fps continue, and when I make some changes the pc remains the same. Another thing that seemed strange to me is that without doing anything the graphic was at 70% video encode and when I started valorant it remained the same. Someone who can help me or may know what could be the problem.

Any help would be appreciated, If I need to provide more information let me know.