Question Help, Sapphire rx 580 Nitro+ 8gb

Mar 31, 2020
I bought my Gpu 5 months ago from marketplace, I was told it's brand new (in a sealed box).

Been using it for 4 months until--. While using discord and browsing the internet, my display suddenly disappeared. I could still hear my friends on the call, both of my screen went black then the pc shutted down not too long after.

I tried restarting my pc, but when I do, the fans would not spin, the word Sapphire still lits up though. I still have my old pc with me and it has a gpu (770) so I took it then put it in my new pc, it booted without any problems.

I tried putting my 580 into my old pc to check if its just the new pc being a little faulty. The pc booted, the fans spun, so I tried going around for a bit. Although after a minute or two later, the same thing happened. Screen lost its display again.

I also tried taking it apart for cleaning, pretty sure I did fine though it still wouldnt work.

I plan on getting a new one but if possible, would like to check if this one can be fixed.
Any idea what may have happened?

tldr; Monitors lost display, changed the gpu, works again. Put new gpu to old pc, works for a bit then stops working too.