HELP Screen of Death?


Jan 5, 2007
On boot up it locks on the first screen (black with white lettering) Name of processor and "hit del for bios or hit f9 for set up. It will go no futher. I have rebooted un pluged and hit bios reset. It will not recognize my USB or old fashoned plug in key board. What to do? Recently I lost standby so I went in to BIOS and changed to S2 then went to power options and enabled hibernate. Everything seemed to be working OK. Also recently upgraded ATI drivers for my 1800XT.Seemed to be working fine also untle yesterday and I lost my active desktop. Reset some values on the X1800XT and everything ok again. Turned off last night and turned on again everything ok. Turned off for the night and then this morning the Bad!
MSI NEO4-F, Antec true power 450,Sapphire X1800XT, 2-512 Cosair value Ram, AMD 64 3800+ Dual core. Have not overclocked.Fatality sound. XP Home. Raid-0, Seagate. System a year old and been doing well.