Question Help Second Monitor Not Detected

Apr 18, 2019
Hi everyone! Ive been having some issues trying to connect a second monitor to my PC. I currently have a tv that is my primary that uses an hdmi input and I want to connect a second monitor using vga. The issue is that every time I plug in my second moniotr the screen goes from "AUTO DETECT" to "AUTO DETECT (analog input) Entering Power Save" and will just cut off. When I have tried to go to display settings in will never detect that second monitor. I have looked up several ways to try and remedy this from updating all my drivers (through DriverEasy and straight through AMD as well) and even uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling them. I've even tried to take out my GPU and put it back in just to see if that would do anything. Funny thing is that when I have the vga chord plugged in it gives me the prior message but if I unplug the vga from the PC the monitor recognizes it and then switches the screen to "AUTO DETECT (Analog Input) Self Test Feature Check" which is a little rectangular box with Red, Green, Blue, White labeled and just moves around the screen. So... the monitor is recognizing when it is/isn't plugged into the PC but can't be detected by Windows for whatever the reasoning. Thank you for any help!
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