Help Selecting an X299 Motherboard for i9-7900X-Performance-Overclock


May 22, 2015
Hello everyone,

Hello Everyone. I hope this finds you well.

What motherboard manufacturer do Y'all like best for overclocking? MSI BIOS looks simple and is inviting. Starting my third build and I am trying to get this one as close to right as possible. Asus boards were used on my previous builds. The Asus boards seem to work fine; however, I have nothing to compare them with. Do any of the other brands offer a better build quality or better control in overclocking?

Comparing advertised features is not difficult. Is one brand is easier or better to overclock than another? Who has the best build quality? Do high end gaming boards have better build quality or do they just have more features? I will gladly pay for features I don't need to get a better build quality.

Reliability and performance are the number one priority. I do not care about RGBs or ascetics. The case will have solid panels and cooled by a custom loop. Graphics will be 2X Nvidia 1080 Ti and 2X 2080 Ti in the future. One ethernet port is ample. Additional heat sinks are not a big deal either. I will water cool the board it if temperatures start running high. Unlike a gamer, I need short burst of speed. Temperatures will only be on the high side while benchmarking or during a stress test.

I have not played a game since Pong. I am a photographer and like performance. Performance makes my work easier and it is fun. Number of SATA ports is not important. A pair of M.2s will be installed and maybe one other drive.

I am not dead set on the i9-7900X but, as of now, it will be the X-Series CPU in a GA2066 socket. Intel keeps introducing new products which makes this like hitting a moving target. The X299 board give me room to upgrade in the future. If the i9-9900X pricing is close to the current pricing of the i9-7900X that will be the CPU.

II am looking at the MSI X299 Raider and the Asus TUF X299 Mark 1. The MSI BIOS looks more user friendly. USB ports that charge will also be a plus. I also need a good USB connection while shooting tethered (camera hooped to the computer via USB 3). I am trying to drop my render time to around two seconds that is now four seconds. USB problems are the only real gripe but that has been a pain. Syncing an iPad or iPhone on my Asus boards was hit or miss at best.

Sorry for the long post. I was trying to give Y'all of what I am look for and why I am looking for it.

Please share any and all suggestions. You will not hurt my feelings if your tell me I am barking up the wrong tree.

Have a great week.


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