Help selecting best router with 2 usb ports


Mar 17, 2003
I would like to upgrade my older router to a new one that I can connect my laser printer and storage via USB. I was looking at the Belkin N750, but it seems to get bad reviews. Is there another router that someone would recommend that has 2 USB ports (one for printer and one for storage)?

Thanks for looking...


Sep 29, 2012
Picking a router based on reviews is a mighty hard problem. Every single router out there has people that will tell you it has the best range ever and never crashes and then the next guy says he has to reboot daily and it is worse than his 10 year old router for range.

I have completely stopped recommending routers after a unnamed major vendor change the revision number on the main board but didn't change anything externally. The ones with the original board were great the new ones were crap and you could only tell which you were buying by trying to decode the serial number.

I generally recommend that you get routers that give you flexibility. The 2 key feature are external replaceable antenna that give you a option if your coverage is not good enough and the support for dd-wrt if the vendor software give you problems you at least have a second option.

Many routers have the print server and storage support and 2 usb. If you are going to use the 5g band then you want a dual band router that uses the word simultaneous in the descriptions. (the ones that add the speed together like 300-300 or 450-450 generally mean that) Not that all this fancy 300 or 450 or whatever does no good unless you pc adapters also have this feature (mimo). It makes little difference in the price but don't reject a router just because it won't do 450. Even if you pc nic support it you likely will get no where close in real life use.

The belkins and tp-link tend to be a little cheaper than linksys,dlink,asus. Sometime the extra cost is justified but all the vendors have routers in their lines that are junk. Unfortunately you are just going to have to pick something and hope.

One of these days maybe we can get a consumer router that performs like commercial stuff. I have routers at work I have not rebooted in 3 years and many 100's of AP that we get no complaints about drops or performance.