Help setting up Pre-wired Ethernet in home

Feb 4, 2019
I've combed posts trying to figure this out and decided to wave the white flag and ask for some help. We've used wifi in the home we've moved into for over a year. But now that I have a new computer built, I'd like to connect it directly to my office ethernet port as the wifi signal in there is weak.

There are two splitters (if that's the right term) in my upstairs laundry room...I'm assuming one set is for satellite TV/phone lines, which we don't use.

Right now my cable modem and wifi router are downstairs in the living room. What I'm hoping is that I can move all of that into the laundry room somehow? I can't tell where I should start with the modem. I'm assuming I don't need to mess with any of the stuff connected to the black panel, that's all security stuff I think?

Can't thank you enough for your help.
This one you are going to have to do most the work because it is hard to say what wires you have available.

So step1 would be to find the cable that comes in from outside the house and connect it to the modem. If it goes through this panel it likely is as simple as connecting the wire directly to the modem. You would then connect the router but then the big problem starts.

You somehow must find the cables that go to the ethernet jacks in the various rooms. In a very simple install you could just plug a couple cables into the lan ports of the router and your are done. In more advanced designs you would plug a small switch in to get more than 4 ports. You could also use a ethernet patch panel to make the panel neater rather plug each incoming cable into the switch/router directly.

I also suspect if you do not have the cables you need in the rooms you want you could remove the wires from the telephone patch panel and put a RJ45 jack on the end in the remote room. I bet the cable used for phone is actually cat5e so it will work for ethernet.

Now after you get all this done what you will likely discover is this room sucks for a wifi location. You may want to put AP or router running as a AP in some of the remote rooms to get better wifi coverage.