Question Help --- some games crash and others don't ?

Apr 25, 2020
Asus Crosshair VI X370
Ryzen 1600af on stock cooler and NO overclock
Gskil trident Z RGB 4x16 GB 3600
Asus Strix 1080 ti OC (just factory OC)
Crucial P1 M.2 1tb
Crucial BX500 2tb (x2 in raid 0) as mass game drive
Samsung 850 evo 500gb (no games just movies and pics)
Evga G2 850W with official Evga red PSU sleeves
Fractal Mesh C Atx with 6 fans (3 in 3 out)

So I updated my pc with my stimulus check back in April/May and it ran well with no crashes until about September, but not all games. Rust, Arma 3, Cod MW, Rising storm 2 Vietnam, Phasmophobia and rocket league all work just fine. But RB6 Siege and Insurgency Sandstorm just crash after 10 or 15 min of playing, doesn't require reboot just the game stops working and the rest of the computer is fine. I did the basics, I checked and verified game files, redownloaded them, check for windows and NVidia drivers, backed my ram overclock/profile still happens.

RB6 Siege is on my m.2 while Insurgency is on my raid 0, but so are some of the other games that I mentioned worked. Ram oc was at 3000 mhz then down to 2800 so I am well within what the kit and board can do, even went up to 3200 but still same thing. I checked a few forums already but got all weird fixes. Its not a matter of cooling, my rig is on the table in a cool room and my temps are 65c cpu and 70c-75c gpu so nothing crazy and no overclocks on everything. I updated my mb bios and cpu drivers about 4-5 months ago but everything else is up to date. I tried not using shadow play and still crashes. The only thing I did was add a 2ed monitor a month ago but I was having these Issues for the past 3 months so.