Question *HELP* Spare parts build for a friend to bring to LTX 2019 - Need Advice!! ($1500 component build request)


Mar 7, 2017
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Hi, I am hoping to gather some insight into others thoughts on building a new rig for my friend. He currently has no PC and I'm looking to take him with me to LTX 2019 in July, but need to build him a rig for the BYOC event. I have a pretty decent tax refund coming my way and was going to throw $1000-$1500 at a build for him.

I have a couple spare components I have left from an RMA and previous build so I was considering using them for the build, but need advice as to whether we are better off just buying a new MOBO and Cooler, or attempting to use what I have.

I have a working Asus Prime X370-Pro Motherboard that was an RMA. Is it still worth building on? Will I be able to use a newer Ryzen (socket AM4) with a newer CPU, or do I somehow have to get a CPU so I can flash the new BIOS to use with the newer Ryzen CPUs? - which leads to the question is it still worth using this Motherboard to cut cost?

I have a Kraken X52 (240mm) cooler and a Cryorig H7 also not in use that could be used for this build if it's worth that also.

With that being said, does anyone have any suggestions for a build/parts list I could create for $1500? I would like to keep a consistent look to the build, but aesthetics come second to performance and functionality. It would be nice to have a window in the case and some RGB, but not if it comes at the cost of performance or function.

I should also mention that my friend who I am building this for has a slight handicap/Muscular Dystrophy so keeping the weight down would be a plus. I was thinking of going Mini or Micro ATX, but given what I already have am not sure if that makes as much sense. I will be with him to setup for LTX and he probably won't be moving it much at his own place, but also something to consider. If it makes more sense to go ATX and not limit the build we can work with that.

My previous build came from this thread and it has worked out pretty well for me, so I thought I would seek the communities advice again.

Thank you in advance!!