Question Help - System is crashing, no errors, no bluescreen. Straight to desktop.

Feb 11, 2022
Hello, hopefully someone can help.

System specs:
9900K (no OC)
16GB G.SKILL DDR4 TridentZ (no OC)
970 Evo Plus (Boot drive) misc other HDDs and SSDs
EVGA GTX 1080 Ti Black Edition (no OC)
Corsair H110i Pro AIO
EVGA Supernova G3 (750W)
Windows 10 64bit

Recently installed a 9900K (no OC) and a 1080Ti (no OC)

Previous setup was a 8600K (5GHz OC) and a 1060 6GB (no OC), so I recently just threw in the new to me cpu and GPU.

Temperatures are completely fine, also just reset my windows installation and the issues are still persistent.

With the new setup, I am experiencing crashes. But not bluescreens, the system will run the game (MW 2019, dying light 2, etc) and then the game just closes and goes to desktop. Temperatures on my GPU and CPU are completely fine, no overheating on either.

I have done the following with no improvement:

  • Reinstalled windows
  • Reinstalled GPU drivers (went all the way back from 511.63 to 440.97 and no improvement)
  • Checked chipset drivers, etc.
  • Updated windows to most recent version (windows 10)
  • Removed any overclocks
  • Bios is updated to newest version (right under the available beta version which I do not want to install yet)
There may be a few more things, however the system literally just closes the program. No errors, nothing. I will run any program that demands CPU/GPU and the same result goes for the software. It just crashes to the desktop. I even ran a 3DMark FireStrike stress test (continuous) and it crashed to desktop within a couple minutes.

In addition to this issue, I ran MW 2019 in safe mode and it has yet to crash. The second I change one setting regarding my resolution for my monitor (2560x1440, Gsync, 165hz) it will crash.

Thank you in advance,
Feb 1, 2022
Hurmmm very bad. Sometimes it happened to me too. But atleast more than 1 hour of gaming. Gpu quite hot, near 80c then the game could crashed. "Could " mean's, Most of the time it doesnt crashed. Some said, it caused by system that avoiding bluscreen, pc hangup, so the system decided to close the program or game without any error msg.
Check if your psu really strong enough to support all your hardware.
3) goto bios and enable " Legacy game compatiblity mode".