HELP!! system wont POST after video driver install


Jul 24, 2007
Helpp!!! posted this in the video forum also but this may be a more appropriate place....

built a new rig with :

Antec 900 case
Antec triopower 550W
Crucial Ballistix PC2 6400 1gb X 2
EVGA 8800GTS 640mb
WD 500gb SATAII running as IDE
Intel Q6600 running at 9 X 350, with Tuniq 120 cooler

I had the hardest time installing Vista with AHCI despite loading the drivers for AHCI. In the end, after numerous times, finally succeeded in loading a dual boot system with RAID and AHCI disabled (loaded XP pro and Vista Ultimate).

Today i booted into Vista and loaded the 8800GTS drivers off the EVGA cd. After driver install, it asked me to reboot. I clicked reboot. Since then, the computer is stuck in a reboot/restart loop.

The system powers on, fans spin etc for 5 seconds, then shuts down and restarts, over and over. Nothing on the monitor, no POST, no beeps (although I dont have the "speaker" port connected on the mobo.

I tried to replace the video card and a different PSU, no luck.

I am running BIOS F4g.

Cleared CMOS numerous times without any luck.

any suggestions? thanks!


Jun 7, 2007
connect the speaker and look through your motherboard manual for the beep codes, this may help out a bit.

unrelated, did you get a chance to see your load temps on that overclock?
Have the 965-dq6. Once in awhile if I reboot my system goes into power off/on loop. I wait for the system to power off, then I turn the ac off (Have a consol where I can power off monitor/computer/speaker amp, and external drives.) - Use the rocker sw on back of PSU. I count to 10 reapply AC and system boots fine. Give it a try


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