Help! the power button is not working!


May 21, 2012
i just bought an assembled cpu with specs:

core i5 processor
galaxy nvidia gts 450 graphics
intel dh67bl motherboard
trancend 4gb ram
coolermaster 400w smps/psu
iball designer cabinet

after I got it i used the on/off switch on the switchboard and it turned on fine then i installed the drivers and OS and turned it off using the shut down button in windows 7. then after dinner i pressed to power button on the cabinet and nothing happened. I then pulled the cover off and checked all the connections but they were fine.then i pulled the power cable out of the socket and wated for 15 secs and then put it back in and it started up without me pressing the button.but then after shutting down i faced the same problem. :cry: .it also restarts fine.
how can i fix this. the computer is less than 2 days old and was assembled in the shop itself b professionals.i would get it repaired in that shop itself but they dont undertake repairs.



May 21, 2012
They have to give you some kind of warranty, both on the hardware and craftsmanship. It is a DOA as the call it, a Dead On Arrival. Most of the manufacturers will get your case replaced instantly, at no cost.
Point is... it is not a repair it is fixing *** they made and got paid for.
(at least here in europe things work like that)
(in russia instead pc fix you :-D)
Let us know.