Question help to choose ssd samsung 980vs adata8200vs kingstone kc2500+question about 980's HMB

help to choose

  • samsung 980

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  • adata 8200pro

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  • kingston kc 2500

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Mar 30, 2021
Hello, i am looking for some medium size ssd and found few good models with same price in my country.
Samsung 980
Adata sx8200pro
Kingston KC 2500
all models 500gb.
question about samsung dramless. Did it new feature Host Memory Buffer use CPU or ssd controller? becouse my ryzen 2600 isnt top and i dont wanna get into a situation where ssd loses performance when cpu loaded close to 100%.
Help to choose, i never owned ssd, just few hards. So now looking fast and solid model.
As a practical matter, all ssd devices will perform comparably.
some 40x better vs a hdd in random i/o.
That is what is done 90% of the time.
Depending on sata vs pcie and gen 3 vs4, sequential performance is 3-10x better vs. hdd
You normally do not see this unless you are doing something like a virus scan.

As to reliability, samsung seems best:

Best to not dwell on engineering specs.