Question Help to find a game?

Aug 19, 2019
This game simply appeared in my memories and is now stuck.

I don't remember too much about this game because I played it when I was like 10, and my memory doesn't help.

Here is what I remember:

The menu was dark, and the options rotated in a circle.
There were like two game modes (I don't know if there were more).
One was a first person shooter. It was inside a building. There were things that seemed to be from an office, plus other things like machines.
The other had a third person view, and you were a car. If I remember well your "mission" is to chase and hit your target until it exploded (or something like that).

And that is all I can say. My memory is cloudy because something I remember well is that darkness predominated in the game.

I used the translator, sorry if something is not well understood. Thanks for reading :)