Question Help troubleshooting faulty laptop display ?

May 15, 2021
Hi y'all!

My question would be how can i diagnose blank screen problem on a laptop? No backlight turned on when boot. I wanna know if its the pc or the screen is faulty. Is it possible to connect the PC screen serial via USB to my Desktop and see if it gives out voltage or not? If there's current flowing there, then picture data?

Thanks in advance, guys!


Dec 28, 2016
Part 1: Hardware issue
I do not believe it is possible (someone correct me if I am wrong) to connect your laptop to a desktop via usb and see your laptops screen on the desktop monitor. There are some adapters that allow usb to traditional monitor inputs. Heres a quick video of an active adapter usb to hdmi about the topic:
laptop usb to monitor at DuckDuckGo
My theory is that the hinges or wherever the wire is supposed to connect is loose, or at least a few are loose if now even the backlights are turning on.

Part 2: Software Issue
You can take the hard drive out of the laptop and put it into the desktop on a spare sata connector and boot the original desktop os. Then you can see the contents of the hard drive (please do not format the drive it will erase data).
I once had a laptop given to me that had power going to the screen but it was black, I fixed it by clean installing windows. It seems some program or malware made that windows corrupt and messed up a lot of the registry files.

If nothing happens or little happens when you boot up (short fan spins, no lights, etc) I think it's hardware related. Is this new or did you buy it off someone? If you got it off someone and they opened the system before then they did a terrible job at reassembling it. It seems they did a poor job at rewiring it or something