Question Help understand if it's RAM issue

Jul 31, 2021
So recently i got scammed purchased laptop like new. Download some steam to play a game... Aaaaand after 20 seconds of running the mobile game on PC it turning off.. and little "bep"
It's not overheating !! 70° changed termo and cleaned it but no results.. i was like: maybe it's a ram issue.. turned on chrome and opened like 30-40 apps and laptop turned off as soon as RAm usage was over 92% i runned windows 10 memory test and at 60+% it's shutting down if im watching YouTube its ok.. ever 1-2hr or more no even little proble as soon as i use ram it shots down. Please tell me its ram issue and NOT motherboard (☞ ಠ_ಠ)
I wish I could, but no - there are not possible to tell for sure without testing.

If you somehow assume there is RAM fault, then you must replace it with a brand new one. If you happens to have two RAM sticks, it's easier because you can test one at a time and it's very rare two RAM stick get faulty at the same time.

Bazzy 505

Jul 17, 2021
It would have been great, if you could post the exact model and make of the laptop so we can give more accurate advice.

At a glance it may just as well be memory issue that can be solved by swapping the SO-DIMM, however quite a few laptops have the ram chips soldered directly to motherboard and feature no slots. It's quite common with ultrabook form factor.
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