Question Help updating drivers

Jan 26, 2020
So the other week i upgraded to windows 10 since microsoft stopped supporting windows 7, while using windows 7 i never experienced any problems or blue screens etc.
However since upgrading to windows 10 I've been experiencing multiple daily blue screens with an error message that says something like CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION, which as someone who has little idea what they're doing when it comes to tech, is quite scary.

I've looked online for what to do with this error message and a lot of people say i need to update the drivers for my motherboard and chipset? I tried to find out what my motherboard is and im pretty sure i have a Foxconn 2abf 1.30 motherboard. I tried to find Foxconn's website so i could update my drivers but either i'm looking in the wrong places or they dont have a website. If anyone could help me fix this and stop the bluescreening that would be greatly appreciated as it is getting increasingly difficult to do my work when i blue screen randomly
And to add to @Obakasama 's... it may be too late but I'd also look the mfr's support website for the system to find out how to upgrade to Windows 10. This of course assumes your system's a pre-built so that you have that resource available.

BTW... if you list your system spec's, as you know them, it would help people know how to respond. System mfr. and model if a prebuilt, or motherboard, processor, memory, GPU, PSU and anything else relevant if not.