Help upgrading my laptop

Jun 12, 2022
I have a lenovo legion laptop I bought in 2017
specs :
-GTX 1050 2gb
-i5 7300HQ 2.50 Hz
-8gb ram (not dual channel)
of course newer games are very slow I am going to change it after a year but I want to upgrade it with something that is useful for the future laptop and can boost this one's performance in newer games
should I upgrade to 16GB ram ?
Jun 12, 2022
Yes, on both counts.

For the RAM, 8GB is marginal. 16GB will make a significant difference.

For the drive, replacing that HDD with an SSD is a no brainer. That WILL make a huge difference. The whole system will be snappier.
Thank you very much !
Yes, a ssd and ram will be useful now. Particularly the ssd.

Can you tell us the model number of the laptop you now own?
Buying upgrades that are transportable may not be feasible.

What is your proposed future laptop?
A future laptop will certainly use m.2 format ssd devices, not a 2.5" device that may be what you now have to replace a HDD with.

Then, also, a future laptop may not be able to use the ram you buy today.