Question Help very strange port problems


Sep 14, 2018
I have been having problems for the past couple of months its strange.

Basically I have internet and its fast but when i go to and click check its start and loading identifies a server connects to it shows me ping but when it commes to download it says error. Wasnt really a problem until yesterday when I wanted to play GTAV with some friends and couldnt connect to social club.

I sent a support ticket and one of their suggestion were the ports so i go to to check my port and none of the ports were open(6672, 61455, 61457, 61456, 61458 all UDP) so i go to windows firewall with advanced security and enable it(I keep all windows security disabled) and for inbound rules i set all of the above ports one by one and after i check the canyouseeme site still says they are cloased. i tried it with ports or other games that work but it still cant detect them to be open. Sorry for bad english not my first launguage.

Update: I have been scouring the internet for anything and I fount the cmd command netstat -ano | find ":XXXX" and when i try any of the given ports no info comes up absolutely nothing which shouldnt be like that
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