Question HELP WANTED: My geforce™ GTX 750 ti instantly loses signal to computer upon any 3d application (mostly Games)

Jun 14, 2019
So, I mostly started my day with my computer and the next thing I encounter is that upon launching ANY game my monitor would just give me a blank screen saying " No Input Signal" and wouldn't turn on again unless I had to do a Hard reset/reboot manually.

I bought a used GTX 750 ti last year and worked perfectly for about 6 months ..maybe 7 but the next day (right after it)
it wouldn't work. Through multiple times of testing by my self, I experienced artifacts (even on chrome!) and mainly losing signal after 2 to 3 seconds in games like Assassins Creed, Grand Theft Auto V etc. Even the Nvidia control panel 3D preview would give up on me and even Chrome!. Couldn't Fix it though.

..And yes I have tried:

* Lowering down the clock speed using MSI™ Afterburner.
* Tried using DDU multiple times.
* Even tried installing fresh copy of windows 10 and 7.

But I thought it would be better to share it ..maybe find a fix or so because I really am on a tight budget!

and In case if somebody want to check out my spec, they are down below:

* Hewlett-Packard (HP) Compaq 8200 elite CMT
* Intel Core-i5 2500K @3.30 GHz
* 2x4 gb Hynix rams running at @1600MHz
* COLORFUL™ GTX 750 ti 2gb variant
* Western Digital 320 gb hard drive(no SSD though)
* "An unbranded Power supply" of 320W.

Though I'm planning to buy an amd RX 570 and a new branded PSu next year. Anyway "Thanks" for reading it.