Question Help - Weird colored line at top of screen only in cyberpunk ?

Jan 21, 2021
I'm getting some weird line at top of my screen when I play cyberpunk The thing is it's only happening on certain scenes like in the simulator or when Johnny and v are in a matrix like place .
Pictures: pic 1 pic 2
I did so many stress test including 3d mark, furmark ,playing other games like Witcher 3, gta v , pes, rdr2, doom ethernal ,skyrim and more at ultra setting for long time but none of them had this problem or anything else!
I tried the same game on TV, it showed up again but this time it fade away after seconds (it was constant on that scene if I didn't touch the mouse or keyboard on my monitor) but it's happening no matter what .
I know it is gpu related but I bought it less than a month ago my gpu is 2060 super And I already updated bios and driver. And I don't have any overclocking.
If the problem was constant I could bring my gpu for warranty but it's only happens on certain scenes in cyberpunk so I'm kinda desperate .
Do you guys saw or having this problem? Or do you know what is going on? Thanks