Question HELP! Which part is causing this "slow-mo" / crashing issue on my PC?

Aug 21, 2020
Hello! I was wondering which part might be causing an issue for my PC. Sometimes I'll be watching a youtube vid on chrome with only 1 tab and this could happen, sometimes it's during a gaming session. I did the memtest86+ and it passed the tests twice. How do I know if it's my PSU/CPUMobo/RAM? :(( This is what it looks like in task manager when the "slow down" happens: View:
(the spike at 100% is when it slows down, even the audio, my mouse, any visuals like games or video)

Prior to this I was using the XMP setting from BIOS to make my RAM the 3000MHz it should be but instead of slowing down it would right out crash and freeze in place until I hard reset. I turned any OC-ing off even the XML and the crashing turned into this slow down.

I am wondering if the PSU might be the issue or the RAM? Or could it be the Mobo/CPU? :( My temps when playing are nowhere near 75 C so I doubt it's the GPU..

MSI Z390-A Pro
MSI RTX 2060,
16GB Ram (8GB x 2 Corsair Veng LPX 3000MHz)
Seasonic 650W Gold
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