Apr 15, 2011

Advance warning - my knowledge of networking is really dreadful that's why I've hit the forums for help.

I live in the UK and I have a connection with BeBroadband (https://www.bethere.co.uk/web/beportal/beunlimited) which I'm presuming is an ADSL connection...? Anyway, the wireless frequently drops out for a few minutes every half an hour or so which is a nightmare for online gaming. We're using the default router modem they gave us years ago.

I'm looking for a solution to stop the wireless connections dropping and also to hopefully increase the wireless range a bit. I'm a bit bewildered though. The current box we have is really old and I believe BeBroadband offer a newer model for customers (the image on their site I linked above certainly suggests so) would I be best off asking for an upgraded box from them, or is it likely to still be rubbish and I'd just be better off buying one myself? Am I best off buying a whole new 'router modem' or should I just buy a new router and connect it to the existing modem that bebroadband gave us?

I would also really appreciate any router/modem recommendations. £45-£85, ideally around £65.

Thank you for any help!

linda ding

Sep 7, 2012
if you need more pieces, maybe you can consider our adsl modem router:

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