Dec 15, 2019

Intel i7-9700k
Gigabyte Geforce RTX 2080 Super Windforce OC
Gigabyte z390 Aorus Pro WIFI Moba
Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB 3.2ghz 16GB X 2 (32gb)
Corsair h100i Platinum AIO Cooler + 6 QL120 Fans
Samsung 970 Plus 1TB nvme m.2 SSD
Apacer 480GB SATA SSD
Kingston 1TB 7200rpm HDD
650 Watt 80+ Gold PSU
DarkFlash Phantom Case

Samsung chg90 49" Curved 1080p 144hz 1ms Monitor
Samsung ru7100 58" 4k TV Monitor #2
HyperX FPS Alloy RGB (silver kathe switches) w/ Pudding Caps
Razor Lancehead 5G Optical Mouse 16k dpi
HyperX Cloud 2 7.1 Surround Sound Headset

So I finished building my first PC from the ground up but I seem to be having some issues and I've been doing so much reading and learning that some things are starting to run together and I think I may need some help.

The system seems to be running fine doing basic things and certain not stressful games like APEX Legends but when I tried to launch Call of Duty Modern Warfare my PC actually crashed and got a BOOT ERROR and had me reset to Optimized Default Settings, even though the only change was to turn XMP on for my RAM to set it for the 3200mhz since its Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB 3.2ghz 16gb x 2 for 32GB total.

I noticed that this Motherboard automatically overclock the CPU to 4.6ghz with Boost to 4.9ghz when I opened Intel Extreme Management Untility & in the BIOS everything is set to Automatic. When I run the basic Intel Benchmarks and Stress Test everything passes and even with it all set to Adaptive and Auto settings right out of the box it seems the system hangs around 1.25V and pushes up through 1.38V when stress testing at around 69c on the package but I've seen some cores into the 80s.

Everything was going fine until I loaded a free version of Call of Duty that Best Buy gave me for buying the RTX 2080 Super. When I launched the game, I updated all of the graphic drivers from Nvidia first, I got through the splash screen and loading phase and then my PC crashed and wouldnt restart till I held the power button and it booted to a "BOOT ERROR" and asked me to reload the Optimized Default Settings and Reboot.

First off, I dont know what is causing this and clearly I need to figure out if it's a CPU or a GPU problem etc & Secondly these stock AUTO Overclocked settings from the Gigabyte Aorus Pro Wifi Moba and the Intel i7-9700k cant be best for my machine but since this is my first build I didnt want to get into messing with OCing too much but I've done a TON of reading. The issue is since all of the settings in the MOBA are set to Automatic defaults, I dont even know what the BASE settings should be let alone what I would need to get everything set to if this is a stability issue since I didnt make any of these changes personally. I have the latest BIOS from Gigabyte and all of the drivers were installed through their monitoring App. I dont know if having all of the stock settings being Adaptive and bouncing from 1.2V up to 1.4V is causing any issues even though the stress test passed with a package temp of 69c in HWMonitor or if having AVX Offset as Automatic is causing the crash. Could this be an issue with Nvidia G-Sync settings trying to turn on even though my monitor is a Freesync type? I doubt that would cause a full crash of the PC though?

If this is a stability thing, where do I even start since all of the BIOS stuff is set to Auto and I dont even have real stock numbers since the moba stock shows a frequency of 4.6ghz etc.

What all may be causing this? What should I do and what should I look for?

Any HELP would be greatly appreciated!


Jun 11, 2019
Try resetting your BIOS to get base settings and boot up without making any changes to your XMP RAM profile etc so that you can hopefully get a stable system first of all and work from there.

When I reset my BIOS I take the CMOS battery out, short the CLR CMOS jumper and then wait 1 minute before re-inserting the battery.
You still retain your latest BIOS version though as that is always stored - it just resets everything to factory defaults.



What kind of crash is your pc having exactly? Instant shutoff? Blue screen? Unresponsive?

The boost settings are how the cpu is designed to run, nothing unusual there. It will automatically boost when it is safe to do so, as decided by the BIOS.

As mentioned above, leave xmp off and see if it has the same problem with the stock frequency. That's a good starting point for narrowing it down.


Dec 15, 2019
I reset the BIOS to stock but even that automatically clocks to 4.6ghz all the time not just BOOST, BOOST is 4.9ghz it says on the i7-9700k in the BIOS apparently. I left all of the settings on the Optimized Defaults Option and all of the "Tweaker" Settings for Overclocking etc are all set to automatic. So I dont even know what INTEL I7-9700K base numbers would look like as this MOBA overclocks the CPU to 4.6ghz at 1.2V as what it shows me on the right side pannel about system info.

Before I rolled everything back I had ran a 5.0ghz simple OC with Intel Extreme Utility at 1.3V Adaptive and passed all stress tests at 69c. My GPU is also a stock OC version, although it's only a bump in a few mhz if I remember correctly.

The computer just turns right off like a heat crash or psu crash BUT my temps were low, I hadn't even made it to the game menus as they were still loading.

I ordered an 850 watt PSU an hour ago and it will be here by 6pm today from Amazon, I love living close to a distribution center BUT I'm not sure that is the problem...or at least not the ONLY problem.

I found out that Call of Duty Modern Warfare is causing this crash issue to A LOT of other people and no one can find an exact fix as most fixes are temporary or fixing some of the other 2 million crashing issues this game is causing so the PSU may not be the issue or at least not the only one. People are getting full crash hard reboots like me to freezing, crashing to desktop, all sorts of DirectX and other issues causing all sorts of problems.

I'll try turning XMP off, the moba is rated for something like 4700mhz 128gb Ram though and my PC seems to run all stress tests fine and Apex Legends but cant even load into the menus of Call of Duty.

Lots of people said to turn off all Windows Background Processes and Apps, MSI Afterburner, Razer Synapse and Antivirus Programs, which I have done now, even uninstalled most but I think those would cause crashes to desktop or freezes, not a full shut down and reboot.

No error codes or blue screen, windows error report only shows an improper shut down.

Thanks for the help so far