Build Advice Help with a build for 2d&3d artist

Aug 9, 2020
I am looking for advice on my build for graphic design (Krita and Blender). My budget is 900-1250EUR.

The build:
1.I think I want mATX, I do not want a big case, but if there is a smaller ATX option, then why not ?
2.If you can make this a little bit cheaper and/or better, it would be great.
3.I am deciding between this mobo and MSI B550 Mortar.
4.I need a thermal paste for CPU cooler, which one is recommended ?
5.I definitely need some cheap case fans.
6.I also want a monitor, I was thinking about Philips 326E8FJSB, it is 31.5'' full hd, but if there is a cheaper and/or better option like 1440p, I'm down.
7.Can you recommend a budget keyboard and mouse ?
You could get an itx motherboard and case if you want, try not to go too small with the itx case, as the thermals tend to get high.

The mortar is the better board, but if you want to with itx, this asrock is pretty much the only option.

You can skip the cooler if you don't plan on overclocking, the 3700x come with a good enough cooler with thermal paste pre-applied.
Aug 9, 2020
Stock cooler, better motherboard, 1TB SSD and a 27'' 1440p monitor. I am planning on adding 2 SATA SSDs, upgrading RAM to 64GB and adding another monitor in the future. What do you think ?
Do you know any other cheaper mATX cases and cheap fans for case ? Also where can I buy legal but cheap W10 ?

Edit:Wouldn't Intel be a better choice, e.g. 10700K ?
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The 970 evo is a heck of a deal, but you will never see the performance difference. I'd opt for a cheaper crucial P1, Intel 660/665p, kingston a2000, WD sn550. You can stick with the 970evo if you expect to be able to use all of its speed.

The meshify c is pretty much the best case in the price bracket. If you want to go cheaper, the q300l or focus g mini will work, though thermals will be worse.

Don't get the super cheap fans like uphere, aigo or other obvious generic brands. The fan bearing are usually very cheap and will get noisy withing a few months.

Intel is faster, but you will need to get a nice cooler for it and ultimately the performance difference is not noticeable. You can narrow the performance by using 3600Mhz cl16 ram with the 3700x.

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