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Dec 9, 2014
I am looking to build a PC for gaming only. It will be attached to my home theater so basically a steam machine. I am a total novice when it comes to computers and just a casual gamer. However, I would like something that can manage most games as the purpose is to have access to more than just console games.
I have put this list together from what I have been able to research online. Wondering if people think this would fulfill the purpose. Also if I am missing something essential or if any of it would be overkill.
Thanks for any help and advice, it's much appreciated.


I can see several things:

  1. You selected a 32 bit OS. Games today require a 64 bit version. Past that, a 32 bit os can only use 4gb of ram max.
  2. That case comes with a 450w psu that is of poor quality. Use it as a doorstop. OTOH, the Seasonic 750w is tops.
  3. I can't help but think that in a home theater, you should use a home theater type case.
Silverstone makes some nice ones like this:
On cases, verify that it has a 5.25" front dvd bay; new cases rarely do.

4. The processor comes with a decent stock cooler that is probably better than the cooler you selected. Plus, you probably do not want RGB distracting you.
Ryzen likes fast ram. look for 3600 speed.
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Do not buy until you understand.
No doubt, you will get many suggestions here.
It is not hard to assemble a pc, but if Microcenter will assemble your parts and install windows, that is what you probably should do. Their walk in prices are excellent.

The most important component for a gaming system will be the graphics card.
You can get a relative ranking of capabilities from tom's GPU hierarchy list:,4388.html
If you are using a TV, your refresh rate will be limited to 60hx via HDMI.
LG CX OLED will do 120 with a 3000 series gpu.
That suggests to me to not go overboard on graphics. Your original GTX1660 would be a reasonable pick.
If you ever need more, a graphics card upgrade is about the easiest thing to do.
Also, the value of the original ryzen 5700G is that it includes a good integrated graphics capability.
Suitable for Home theater work, but not for fast action gaming.
A lower priced i5-11600K would perform similarly.

Looking at what is available in the Chicago store I might pick a cpu/mobo bundle of a i5-11600k and a asrock Z590 matx motherboard for $380:,-asrock-z590m-pro4,-cpu-motherboard-combo
If a lower priced I5-11400 or i5-11400F were available, I would pick that.
FWIW, the F versions do not include integrated graphics and are usually a bit cheaper.
Unless the price difference is major, I would pick a non F version.
If you ever have a graphics issue, you can still run all but gaming.
You will want an aftermarket cooler. A simple tower type cooler with a 120mm fan will do the job quietly.
Noctua makes good and quiet ones, but microcenter seems to charge a bunch for them.
I would pick a NH-U12s:

Seasonic focus 750w is outstanding. It can handle any future gpu upgrade.
It will only use the wattage demanded of it, regardless of the max capability.

Samsung ssd's are arguably the best for reliability and performance. Do not go cheap there.
1tb is good.

The V100 case you picked will work.
But, I think I would look at the cm N200 MATX case. for $65.

Ventilation is better.
It is more compact and included a dvd bay.
ASUS DVD is fine.

You will want windows 10 64 bit installed. Home is OK.
There is very little in the PRO versions that a home user would want.
Perhaps the ability to defer forced windows upgrades for a year.
There will be an OEM version offered for less than the retail version.
OEM is valid only for use on the initial motherboard.
Retail gets you Microsoft support which you may want.
OEM and you will depend on these forums for support.
In addition, if you ever change motherboards, you would need a new os.

If you trust the techs at microcenter, print out this post and ask them about it.
Some just want to make a sale, and others will be truly interested in what you want.


Dec 9, 2014
So...went to Microcenter and had a rep help me out. He was great and hopefully didn't steer me wrong : )
Ended up with:
Corsair 4000D case
Asus Tuf Gaming B550 Plus motherboard
2 Corsair ML 120 fans
CRUCIAL 16GB 8X2 D4 3200 CL16
AMD Ryzen 5 5600X
ARSRock RX6600XT CLD 8g

Just finished building it...hopefully I didn't screw anything up, about to see if it turns on or not :)
I'll likely upgrade the graphics card when the market calms down, but hopefully the rest is decent enough.
Thanks again for all of the help, been a fun learning experience...definitely glad I built it myself.
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