Help with an old computer


Oct 30, 2009
Hi, I recently bought the game natural selection 2 and they gave me giveaway gift. I have a very good friend of mine who has been playing fps with me for the last 10 yrs. I gave him the ns2 gift but right now he can't afford a new computer. Even the current $500 gaming build. (he has bills to pay and sadly lost his work)

He is playing the game on his laptop with frames below 10 fps. Is not an old laptop but is not for gaming. Another friend of mine made an upgrade quite a while ago and he is giving me his old computer for less than $100. Is a P4 HT 3.6 with 4gb ram (don't know what ram I only know is OCZ) with Radeon x800 Ti. Also a Samsung flat panel that he bought for $850 some while ago. A few years ago it was a great computer and he told me to give him $100 or less and it was mine along with the monitor. His wife is driving him crazy because he is not using the computer and apparently she wants the area cleared. I know this guy from very long time and is a trustworthy guy I just don't know if the computer price is good for the parts or even if it will run the game with at least 30 frames in very low resolution. I believe my friend can get better than 10 frames with this machine....

Please if any of you have the knowledge if this can help him with his frame problem even if its a small frames boost I will gladly appreciate it.
Have you checked craigslist lately? You can get a core2 duo system for around $100; some even have windows 7 already installed. LCD Monitors start at around $20. But don't try running windows 7 with less than 2 gb of ram. Core2 duo is faster and cooler running than the old smithville p4's. They don't call them space heaters for nothing.


As you probably already know - These are the recommended System Requirements:

Windows 7 32/64-bit / Vista 32/64 / XP
Core 2 Duo 3.0 ghz
2GB for XP / 4GB for Vista/7
DirectX 9 compatible video card with 1GB, AMD 5770, NVidia GTX 450 or better

Your pentium 4 might be able to pull it off if it uses the HT effectively, and it looks like you have just enough memory. As for the video card, I don't believe you can play the game with the video card you're getting. You might be able to upgrade that, just offer your friend less since that seemed to be an option. I'm sorry to say that the amd 5770 will probably cost you about $80 all by itself. The problem you'll probably run into at this point is the video card (or that one anyway), is a pci=e card. I believe your motherboard has an agp slot instead, but you'll have to check it or ask your friend, sounds like he would know.

The 5770 specs are Clock Speed 850 MHz
RAMDAC Clock Speed 400 MHz
API Supported DirectX 11, OpenGL
Memory Size 1 GB
so I don't know what the agp equivalent would be because they don't list the specs the same way as they do now.

So, to answer your question, NO, I don't think (my opinion of course), the other computer will run the game with the desired frame rate you're looking for, due to the video card.