Question Help with BIOS on Asrock B550 Extreme4 ?

Nov 19, 2021
Hello. I purchased this motherboard and plan to purchase a Ryzen 5 5600x to go along with it. However this board is one BIOS update away from supporting the cpu. This board also does not seem to have a usb flash option by all means that I can tell. My question is, if anyone is familiar with Asrock instant flash in their BIOS, if I can put my build together cpu and all, and boot straight to the BIOS, and update it from there with this instant flash option? Then reboot so it will read my 5000 series chip? Or do I have to actually get a previous cpu, go through the hassle of putting everything together to at least boot to bios, update it, and then uninstall that cpu and install the one I plan to use?? Any and all guidance appreciated!!!