Question Help with black screen on new build ?

Sep 22, 2023
Today i got my new mobo, CPU, RAMs and SSD:

Mobo: msi b650 tomahawk
Cpu: Ryzen 7800X3D
Gpu: 3060ti
Rams: gskill trident neo 6000mhz cl30
Psu: 750w chieftronic gold

So i started to install these components. First i did flashback with usb disk 32gb i changed the file name to msi.rom

My psu was connected to mobo. i install bios i think cuz i saw white led and then white led stopped. So after this i added every component and booted my pc. Pc booted but to my monitor i was getting no signal, it was black screen. Then i tried to boot without gpu, didnt work

I tried to boot with only 1 ram it didnt work. From debug i see red and yellow lights (cpu and dram)
At some point i took off cmos battery, waited couple of minutes and then put it back. Didnt work. Now i have taken all the components off. Trying to bios update again with psu and mobo. **** . [Moderator note: removed poorly masked profanity.]
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