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Jun 16, 2019
First time poster here but been researching for a couple of weeks now. I am building my first pc and it will be used almost exclusively for WoW. Specifically classic WoW. I have been tinkering with builds and researching but just kinda getting a grasp of everything. That being said I have narrowed it down to two option at the moment. Question is which one is better for what I am trying to do and where can I improve the build or get more bang for the buck.

BUILD 1: Intel build
CPU: i5-9600k
Cooler: Cooler master hyper 212
MOBO: gigabyte-z930 Aorus pro WiFi atx
Ram: g. Skill- ripjaw v series 2 x 8 gb ddr4-3200
SSD: WD-black nvme 250gb m.2-2280
GPU: zotac- GeForce gtx 1060 6gb
PSU: corsair semi-modular 450w

About 900 on PCPartPicker

CPU: Ryzen 5 2600x
Cooling: stock with CPU (upgrade if OC is recommended)
MOBO: gigabyte b450 Aorus pro WiFi
Ram: g skill ripjaw v series 2 x 8 gb ddr4-3200
SSD: Kingston a4000 240 gb
GPU: gigabyte- rx 580 8 8gb
PSU: Corsair cxm 450 w semi modular

About 670 on PCPartPicker

Budget is under 1k. So the intel is the upper end of where I can go. Just want a machine that can do what I want and do it well for a few years with the ability to upgrade as I can/need to.

I know it’s a long post but as I new to this aspect of gaming looking for any and all advice. Thanks in advance for everyone’s time.


May 18, 2019
Go with AMD with the AMD you can actually change the RX 580 to a GTX 1660 Ti (if you can afford it) which is more powerful and will give you more frames ALSO go for an EVGA Seasonic or different Corsair model for the PSU the CXM has had many problems reported
Jun 16, 2019
Thank you for the reply. Only bumped up the cost by a 100. So it’s seems like it is doable. Are there any issues with using the stock cpu cooler or is it a must have/best practice to grab one? Will there be a detrimental bottle with this CPU/GPU combo? Not asking for optimization or that just don’t want to out class either and waste money. If that makes sense


Apr 17, 2019
A Ryzen 5 2600x with a GTX 1660 Ti is a great combination.
I run my 2600 at 4 GHz (see my signature) which gives me the same if not slightly better performance than a stock 2600x and my rig works great.
Also if you run the 2600x at stock you can just use the stock cooler that comes with it.
Jun 16, 2019
Thank you both so much. Sounds like the intell is off the board. With what I have got here. Thank you both again. Does the stock fan come with thermal compound? Not that it will break the bank getting some. But if it comes with it comes with.


Mar 26, 2019
are you planning on overclocking? if not just get the i5 9400f its 100 bucks cheaper than 9600k and instead of 1060 get the 1660ti which is 100 more expensive


R5 2600 and i5 9600k at stock speeds are just about exactly the same thing when it comes to WoW. But thats at stock speeds, in single person or just hanging around town and smithing. WoW unfortunately also has a tendency during heavy drop servers during raids to seriously pack on the bandwidth of as many cores as it can get, and thats where the i5 is going to suffer a loss. Higher IPC is great for the fps normally, but multi-player settings aren't normal and fps will tank in those situations.

And no, Intel wasn't always better, during the K5 years and pre pcie 2.3,amd cpus/gpus used to spank Intel and nvidia handily. Also, price wise, what was equitable was even then in AMD's favor slightly, really only beaten easily by top-line Intel i5's and i7's that could OC. In BF4 even the FX 8350 topped everything except the i7-4790k and HEDT i7's, easily beating even the i5-4690k. It's all a matter of what the game code says. A Ryzen R5 2600 is easily a match for the i7-8700k in many games.

Intel is only on top in maximum fps. Big deal. If you get 250fps out of a cheap Ryzen 2600 and 350fps out of a i9-9900k, you over spent by a large margin because the best you'll get on screen is 165fps and only on certain monitors. Mostly you'd get 144fps at best. As long as minimum fps clears refresh, doesn't matter at all what maximum fps is, and Intel usually has a much wider gap between min and max than Ryzen.

You got 3 weeks± before Zen2, the Ryzen 3000 series drops public, I'd honestly wait until a month or so after that, just to see where pricing goes. Something will go on sale, could be the 2000's or could even be Intel trying to maintain market shares, dunno. Should be worth waiting on though, you loose nothing but some time.
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