Question Help with buying a new 1440p monitor

Aug 25, 2023
Hi all,
Great to be in the channel! I am split on which to choose for my new 1440 monitor. I have been looking at purchasing a computer monitor to play some gaming in my free time (COD, BG3, etc.), the bulk of use would be for my working remotely as a coder. 2 stipulations: 1) $350 max, and 2) 1440p preferred.

I have read numerous reviews, googled various listings for "the best monitor 2023" or something similar for about 3 days. Other than having a minor headache I came up with two choices that seem to continually pop up (The LG 27GL83A-B or the Gigabyte M27Q-P ). I also looked at the MSI G274QPF-QD, but am a tiny bit concerned about quality control issues (dead pixels primarily). BUT, it does seem to be a quality pick...especially with the Quantum Dot tech for the backlighting.

I would love to hear any thoughts on these options or additional recommendations for what else might be a good choice. Thanks!


Those are decent choices.

I bought a Samsung QD-OLED 32" TV just to see how I liked it, and they are pretty good. If you like vibrant greens and yellows that might be the way to go. (Compared to my VA TV and IPS monitor that is the impression I get)