Question Help with choosing three 27 inch 1440p 144Hz gsync monitor


May 12, 2009
With the help of the kind people in this forum I've ordered a 5800x with a rtx 3080 and now I'm looking to buy 3 monitors to go with it.

Some of the features I'm looking for include
27 inch, 1440p resolution, 144Hz (minimum), gsync, flat screen, triple monitor stand compatible
Budget - around £350 or less
Buying websites - ideally or can do and
Usage - gaming, working (office documents, spreadsheets, streaming and VOD sites like Twitch/YouTube), web browsing (potentially 100+ tabs open in firefox)

I also have a few quesions:
What kind of panel would be good, VA, IPS or something else?
I looked a little bit into gsync and saw something called "gsync compatible" which looks like it's compatible with freesync but worse than pure gsync - how much difference does it actually make or should I focus on a full gsync monitor?
Anything else to take into account?

I'd be grateful for any advice about the above and some suggestions of monitors, thanks!


1| I look for IPS panels since I work off of images a lot so their color accuracies are better. TN panels are good for gaming or content that has a lot of motion.
2| They are about the same. Since the GTX1000 series, FreeSync monitors are supported on Nvidia cards.
3| VESA mounting options?

Here's a shortlist of monitors that fit your requirements;,35346&sort=price&D=144000,360000&r=344001440,256001440&F=685800000,1651000000

Hang on, is your budget of 350UK Pounds for 3 monitors or for each monitor?