Question Help with clean install of Windows 10

Lv 88 Mog

Jan 25, 2016
Ok, this is quite complicated, so please bear with me.

Firstly, I inherited an older laptop from a friend - he said his PC was super slow and unusable. I messed with it, and sure enough, very slow. It has a Core i5, and I thought 4GB ram, and everything seemed fine, but you couldn't even open up Google Chrome, or type a few letters in Word, without it locking up or taking several minutes. So I did a complete fresh install of Windows 10. No change. I figured the problem was hardware. When I looked at the Task Manager, it showed the disk at 100% constantly, so I figured the HDD might have some kind of defect. I also noticed that the ram was only 2GB. So I swapped it out with a spare HDD I had, and upgraded it to 8GB ram, and reinstalled Windows. Worked GREAT after that.

Unfortunately, I can't use the HDD permanently, so I removed it, and put in a different HDD, and then reinstalled Windows a 2nd time. But this time, it went through the entire process and go to the point where Cortana is supposed to come up and help you set up Windows (connecting to wi-fi, choosing settings, making a user name, etc), but it just hung at "Please Wait a Moment" for several hours. I forced it to turn off, and turned it back on, then it took me immediately to the log in screen with "defaultuser0" as the user name, and asked for a password, which I didn't know. I tried going into troubleshooting and doing a complete clean reinstall, and the EXACT same results. What is causing this problem, and what is the way around it?

Secondly, there are a couple problems that have persisted throughout this entire process is. I think it has to do with the keyboard, but I don't know if it is software or hardware or whatever. When I go to the log-in screen, whether it worked or didn't, the keys were unresponsive except for a few (Enter and the arrow keys). I found a quick fix to this by clicking on the Accessibility icon. I didn't have to tweak any settings whatsoever, but after clicking on the Accessibility icon, then clicking back to the password, it let me use letters and numbers again. After successfully logging in, it would occasionally bring up the "Would you like to turn on Sticky Keys?" message, again and again and beep also. But in Word, the shift key worked just fine, so I didn't think it was actually a REAL sticky key or anything???? The keys that work/don't work don't appear to be random, it is almost by category (like the numpad, except for enter) - and sometimes I can get them all to work suddenly (like that workaround where I click on the accessibility options), so I really don't think it is an actual problem with the physical keyboard....

But now that I can't get Windows to let me do the setup process (just hanging at Wait a Moment, or taking me directly to the log in with defaultuser0), I am finding that many keys again are unresponsive - specifically numbers, and the numpad. I saw some advice on forums to hit "shift" while restarting the PC, going into startup settings and hitting 6 to have it load up in safe mode where I can delete defaultuser0 and create a new user there, but since 6 is not responding, I can't choose any of the start up options. Even so, enter still works, but that's pointless since it basically just restarts without applying any different options.

So, problems with Windows installing, and problems with the keyboard having only CERTAIN keys responding....does anyone have any advice? I would really appreciate any info, on any of these problems. Thanks!
are you creating a new installation media with the latest build available or using the same install package each time?