Question Help with coil whine and video crashes


Jan 4, 2014
So last Friday I began receiving coil whine at idle from something in my PC. I took the GPU out and it stopped so it makes me think it is the gpu. I put the gpu back in and ran a game and the coil whine stopped permanently, even at idle. Fast forward a few days I am playing factorio yesterday and the screen suddenly flashes to this
Video Crash Pic
with a buzzing noise coming from the speakers. I recreate the issue once more. After I turn it off, and replace the psu with a brand new spare unit I have. I also noticed a slight burnt smell coming from the psu. But it could just be old dust, I try to clean everything once every season. On the instant the pc turns on the lights in my room flicker for a fraction of a second. Odd, so I play a game again and the video crashes once more. One more note, when I change things on the desktop, the coil whine changes pitch.
If anyone has any idea, would this be a sign of my gpu going out? Or is something in the gpu/pc damaged due to some kind of power delivery issue in my house? I had considered maybe due to the stay at home order of the coronavirus outbreak that the local power grid is having trouble handling so much more power being used? But that seems very slim to me. Any ideas/help are appreciated!

Specs are as follows:
i7-4790k at base clock
GTX 980ti G1 Gaming 6GB at 1279 Mhz
16GB Ballistix Sport DDR3
Corsair RM1000i