Question Help with connecting TV/AUDIO setup

Mar 10, 2019
Hello everyone!

I have a question regarding TV home setup. So i have a Nvidia Shield (used as a TV box) and a PS4 connected via two hdmi cables to my LG 47 in TV. I recently bought a Marantz amplifier for my turntable and a pair of speakers and I want to output the NVIDIA/PS4/TV sound to my Marantz aplifier so I can have sound from coming out from the floorstander speakers. How can I achieve that? The marantz amplifier is the PM6005.

Thank you for your help!
OK, the PM6005 is strictly an audio device, can't handle video, so..... what u do is, hook up all your AV sources, one video connection directly to TV, and another audio connection to PM6005. Your speakers of course will be connected to PM6005. If you do OTA TV, another audio-only connection from TV to PM6005.

That simple. :)