Help with CPU


Sep 30, 2007
Hi guys

I got a GA-G1975X motherboard for over a year and i am very pleased of it.i I dont really play games that often so the rest of my components don't really matter. My CPU is a pentiumD 930.My question is if i couild upgrade to a core 2 without changing the motherboard. I already checked on gigabytes site and there it says it does not suport it.

But.Since the 945 or 965 chipset suprt core2 why would the 975 not support it.

Expect some answers u guys

Thanks in advance
Chipsets have a relatively short lifespan, so chances are, it won't support a newer cpu. I don't see the board listed on pricewatch, so it's probably out of production, and gigabyte won't even bother with new bios updates. But you can email them. I once got ecs to issue a new bios update for my socket 939 board at the end of it's run.